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The Little Earth
Environmental, non-profit, public organization, formed in 1997 by a group of young activists.
The Little Earth has official registration and status as a national nature protection organization.
It is a flexible and mobile organization with a creative approach to environmental issues.
To make people more susceptible to environmental issues and enhance their role and participation in sustainable development. We want to preserve for future generations what we love and admire - the unique nature of Tajikistan and our planet.
For nature and local communities
The Little Earth has many years of experience in implementing small-scale projects for the development of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, as well as the implementation of resource-saving technologies and practices for adaptation to climate change at the local community level.

By ensuring environmental sustainability, the Little Earth contributes to the development of communities as a whole. In addition to the technology itself, the organization mobilizes communities and helps build the capacity of local residents so that they can independently continue to use and develop the most suitable alternatives for them.
By addressing environmental issues, the Little Earth helps fight poverty and improves the quality of life of the most vulnerable groups of the population.

The Little Earth actively cooperates with green public and initiative groups, provides environmental information to the general public and promotes the involvement of public organizations in the decision-making process in the field of environmental protection.

The Little Earth is a member of the Mountain Partnership, CAN EECCA (Climate Action Network Eastern Europe Caucasus and Central Asia), the International Socio-Environmental Union, as well as a co-founder of the Tajikistan NGO Network on Climate Change.
What we do
Sustainable energy
Clean energy solutions to improve the lives of local communities and reduce the pressure on ecosystems.
Climate change
Resource-saving practices and technologies for the most vulnerable. Climate policy and campaigns.
Youth environmental movement
Actions, events and initiatives that involve youth in the environmental movement.
Education for sustainable development
Educational programs and projects that develop critical thinking and encourage action to protect nature.
On the way: expanding horizons
2001: First World Car Free Day street action took place in Dushanbe.
2004: First Central Asian Biosafety Conference for NGOs organized in Dushanbe.
2006: First specially designed "solar" greenhouse was built in Tajikistan.
2008: The project to introduce efficient "nepalese" stoves in rural areas of the republic was launched.
2010: The first (and the only) straw bale house was built as a rural health center.
2012: The installation of modern and efficient lighting systems in five classes of two capital schools №94 and №60 was completed.
2014: One of the first organizations, which began to distribute solar parabolic cookers among mountain communities.
2014: First eco-fair "Free market" was organized in Dushanbe and dedicated to World Environment Day.
2017: The first Energy caffe equipped with solar photo panels was openned in Nisur village.
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E-mail: little.earth.tajikistan@gmail.com
Phone: +992378813977

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